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Official Rules!

Discussion in 'Rules' started by Kewozzoo, Sep 8, 2016.

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    Terms and Rules

    By using any of our services, you agree to all of the Terms and Rules stated in this document. If you choose not to agree, don’t use any of Minesharp’s Services as it will result in a punishment from the service.

    Section 1A - Global
    1 - Do not Discuss or otherwise communicate about topics that the staff do not deem fit for the community on Minesharp Grounds.

    2 - Do not Spam or flood any communication method and/or feature. (Public Chat, PM, Commands, Etc..)

    3 - Do not Post links that are deemed adult, inappropriate, or otherwise not permitted in public places on Minesharp Grounds.

    4 - Do not Imitate / Impersonate / Annoy / Direct Profanity To and/or Disrespect Any member of the community on Minsharp Grounds.

    5 - Do not Pose as a threat to any service related or hosted on Minesharp grounds.

    6 - Do not Mislead Other Members, Scam or otherwise cause confusion within the community on Minesharp Grounds.

    7 - Do not Cause any fraudulent or fraud-related acts on any services related or host on Minesharp grounds.

    8 - Do not grief, attempt to grief or destroy another community members creation on Minesharp Grounds.

    9 - Do not Commit any crime, or stage any criminal related activities on Minesharp Grounds

    10 - Always respect other players at all times no matter their Age, Disability, Social Class, Income, Genetics, National Origin, Pregnancy, Race, Color, Religion, Political View Points, Gender, or Sexual Orientation.

    11 - You must report any bugs, exploits, glitches, and/or problems to Minesharp Authority. You are not permitted to use the bug, exploit, glitch and/or problem or share the bug, exploit, glitch and/or problem with other players that are not a part of The Staff Team.

    12 - Advertising, Degrading, or otherwise causing a loss of members on Minesharp Grounds is prohibited.

    13 - Using Minesharp as a median for the selling of goods/services is prohibited.

    13 - The use of Proxies, VPNS or any service that alters/manipulates your IP Address is prohibited.

    14 - Do not Attempt to copy Minesharp and/or its services for any reason you deem. Minesharp holds and reserves all the rights to all its copyrights that it has granted protected by government law.

    Section 1B - In Game
    1 - Any form of hacked client, or modification to your client is prohibited if it meets any of the criteria below:

    A - It allows you to have an advantage over other players at any time.

    B - It gives you access to areas/zones/commands/features that you wouldn’t normally have access to with a vanilla client.

    C - It allows you to bypass the in-game policies and rules.

    D - It allows you to receive any permission, item, or feature illegally.

    2 - Any form of attempting to break the placed protocols in any server on Minesharp is prohibited.

    Section 1C - Forums
    1 - State your official minecraft username somewhere on your profile indicating that you are you.

    2 - Use the forums correctly and open discussions in the correct assorting in the forums website.

    Section 2 - Content Rights
    All content hosted on Minesharp Grounds can be modified, backuped, suspended, retained, relocated or deleted by any Server Operations Manager or Administrator. By putting your content on Minesharp Grounds, you are granting The Staff Team a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, exclusive, and royalty free license to move, reuse, adapt, distribute modify and remove your content for whatever reason we deem fit.

    Section 3 - Donations
    Access to join and use Minesharp is does not cost anything to the end user. Donating to the service is completely optional and is under the discretion of the owner's account. All donations are final and are not refundable. (Nonnegotiable) If a refund, dispute or chargeback is issued by the account owner, a punishment will be issued and no money will be sent to the recipient no matter the circumstances.

    Section 4A - Punishments
    Anyone found violating any of the above rules is subject to punishment by The Staff Team or an automated system on any/all services. The Staff Team can issue a punishment on any community member for any reason they deem. All punishments are final. Punishment appeals are completely up to the discretion of The Staff Team and are not guaranteed a pardon. A record of all user punishments is kept on Minesharp Grounds and may be used to withhold you from receiving a staff position.

    Section 4B - Reporting Problems
    If a community member or a member of The Staff Team comes across any bugs, exploits, glitches, and/or problems, the user has immunity from a punishment that is supposed to be issued upon using the said bugs, exploits, glitches, and/or problems on Minesharp, on less the any of the following is true:

    A - The user refuses to return the gained features, commands, and/or items gained by the bugs, exploits, glitches, and/or problems.

    B - The user has distributed/shared with non-staff the the methods of using the bugs, exploits, glitches, and/or problems, the gained features, commands or items, or ultimately, if the user has done anything that that couldn't be reversed.

    C - The user does not report the bugs, exploits, glitches, and/or problems imminently after its discovery, or has used it more than once.

    D - The bugs, exploits, glitches, and/or problems are deemed completely inappropriate, could be used as a threat to the server, were found purposely, or the user used the bugs, exploits, glitches, and/or problems after which it has disturbed/shared, or reported.

    Section 5 - User Privacy and Rights
    We reserve the right to hold information on you for as long as we deem necessary. We are required to cooperate with authorities with warrants to release any data that is deemed censored to the public. Passwords and other credential information is stored in a non-decryptable format on our servers and is not viewable by anyone. Any other information we have on you can be viewed by a member of The Senior Staff Team for reasons we deem fit. Minesharp and Its Staff Team are not responsible for any losses, damages or lawsuits that you are in and/or associated with anywhere.

    Section 6 - User Accounts
    We allow users to create an account on our website. The account creator is responsible for all actions committed on their account. Same applies to minecraft accounts. We are not responsible for your account. You are responsible for anything that is committed on your account as it stands as an official median between you and Minesharp.

    Section 7 - Staff
    Staff have elevated privileges and have the right to punish anyone for any reason The Staff Team deems fit. Staff are required to use their elevated privileges in respect to the above rules and any other set rules that are directed to them. Staff are required to schedule on-leaves if they are not going to be online for an extended period of time. Staff can be demoted or promoted at any time by any member of The Senior Staff Team.The Terms and Rules are subject to change at any time by any member of the Senior Staff Team.The Senior Staff Team has the right to claws the rules for any reasons deem fit.

    Section 8 - Appeals
    The Terms and Rules Studies may issue full appeals to punishments. Please schedule a meeting with a Terms and Rules Studies Representative and Senior Staff Member for full punishment appeals on our Discord.
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