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Official Allowed/Disallowed Modifications List

Discussion in 'Rules' started by Fawks, Jan 12, 2018 at 9:15 PM.

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    Sep 17, 2017
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    This is the official allowed/disallowed modifications list. This can be updated at any point and should be checked when installing new mods. When installing mods not specified on this list please use common sense and do not use mods which could get you banned. As it currently stands, these are the current punishments:

    If caught using illegal modifications/hacks in PVP: 1 Week Ban from PVP
    If caught using illegal modifications/hacks out of pvp: 1 Week ban from the current server
    If caught multiple times using illegal modifications it will eventually end in a permanent ban from the network.

    Now the boring part is out of the way, Here's the list!


    - Optifine
    - ShadersMod
    - Schematica (Printer is Disallowed)
    - 5Zig, bspkrs etc
    - ArmourHUD
    - PotionHUD
    - Kohi TCPNoDelay
    - DirectionHUD
    - Macro Mods
    - ToggleSneak
    - Better Sprint
    - Lighting Mod(s)
    - CPS Mod
    - Damage Indicators
    - Anything modifying font, music etc
    - Minimaps (if it shows entities it is strictly forbidden, such as Xaero's Minimap)
    - Anything not on the disallowed list


    - Hacked Clients
    - LabyMod
    - BetterPvP
    - Xray Mods/texture packs
    - World Downloader Mod(s)
    - NotEnoughItems / TooManyItems
    - Any other PVP enhancing mods not listed here
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