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  1. universe
    universe Tiger
    Do you remember me .-.
  2. Rystical
  3. Brdly
    Brdly Rystical
    Don't leave :c <3
  4. ImSimplyCrafting
    msg me on forums if you ever want to play bw, im 60 star :D (watch as I get banned for "advertising" ;3;)
  5. VG
    I have no friends so I play Minesharp. You should too.
  6. BlackTheFighter
    BlackTheFighter J_K_Dragon
    Hope u had a Nice bday yesterday lol
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  7. Kiwi_Dragons
    Jk I don't wanna delete my account anymore.
  8. Kewozzoo
    Im happy, Are you not happy? Then join minesharp today! xdddddd IP: PLAY.MINESHARP.ORG
    1. Nightmarionnne
      Nah play on Play.minesharp.net :3
      Jan 7, 2018
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  9. Kiwi_Dragons
    how do i delete this account
  10. J_K_Dragon
    New pp is lit
  11. VG
    I’m not back.. noo
  12. hughes192
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  13. Coldpath
  14. Thresh
  15. Rystical
    Rystical Brdly
    brdly. If you ever try to do YT Make ur art Ur Profile picture and ur other art ur Brdly Signature
    1. VG
      I think he meant he likes the art you made and if you ever do YouTube, to use your art you have on Minesharp.
      Jan 4, 2018
    2. Rystical
      @VG Pretty Much Channel logo and channel art
      Jan 5, 2018
    3. Brdly
      My bad, extremely sorry @Rystical. Thought you meant I shouldn’t use my current pfp and signature etc..
      Jan 6, 2018
  16. Rystical
    Rystical Kewozzoo
    "Gives a negative rating"
    "But Its oppisite day"
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  17. DramaticDB
    Low-key think that Minesharp is down. Someone please confirm.
  18. Kewozzoo
    Join minesharp guys! IP: PLAY.MINESHARP.ORG <333333
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  19. Thecompleteworst
    Thecompleteworst Kewozzoo
    kewin its supremebear, okay bai
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  20. Thecompleteworst
    Thecompleteworst Brdly
    it was SupremeBear