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by Coldpath at 7:08 PM
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Skyblock 5.0 - Massive Update
Hello everyone, and welcome to the official announcement thread for Minesharp Skyblock 5.0!

This is a major Skyblock update and I will be going over everything that's being added or changed in this thread. The Skyblock map will reset and a new one will begin, a fresh start for everyone. There are numerous new features, changes, improvements, a new spawn and a new Island Competition.

Saturday, June 16th at 2 PM EST (11 AM PST, 7 PM GMT)

Island Top Competition (1050 USD)
  • 1st. $300 Paypal, $300 Buycraft and a Custom Tag for every island member.
  • 2nd. $150 Paypal and $150 Buycraft
  • 3rd....
by Fawks at 7:22 PM
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Saturday, March 31 at 2 PM EST (11 AM PST, 7 PM GMT)

After countless hours of testing, development and hard work Minesharp is ready to release Factions! This is our First Map which will be hosted and has a FTOP Prize of $2000 Total. With the addition of Factions a large amount of the servers information has changed. Including: rules, modifications list & punishment guidelines.
Worlds / Maps Information
  • 10,000 x 10,000 Overworld (/spawn)
  • 5,000 x 5,000 Moon (/warp moon) *flat
  • 5,000 x 5,000 End (/warp end) (Real End)
  • Nether is disabled

FTOP Information

  • The total ftop prize will be sectioned out & distributed every week.
  • TOTAL FTOP PRIZE: $1,050 PayPal + $950 Store...
by Fawks at 4:58 PM
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After over a year of Minesharp Creative being open, with its ups and downs, we have decided to close the gamemode on Minesharp network.

This is mainly due to the lack of players and interest in the community for the gamemode itself and the resources used to run it. With us being able to close it we have allowed more resources to our other servers and something special...

If you haven't noticed we've had creative closed since January. This is mainly for the development of the Skyblock Reset not long ago. BUT DON'T WORRY! We're planning a new exciting gamemode which will be coming this year ;) (It won't be in December I promise!)​
by Coldpath at 7:26 PM
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Hello there!

Following the reset we are able to host an amazing competition for the Minesharp Skyblock community, which will last for two months. This will be the highest rewarded competition in the history of Minesharp. Thanks to you this was made possible - it wouldn't have been possible if not for your great support the last few months.

1. $250 on PayPal, a $500 Buycraft voucher (to the island leader) and a Custom Tag for every island member. The tag will be global and equippable on all servers.
2. $100 on Paypal and a $200 Buycraft voucher (to the island leader) .
3. $50 on Paypal and a $100 Buycraft voucher (to the island leader) .

If one of the winners is for some reason not able to accept money on PayPal he or she will instead receive another Buycraft...
by Kewozzoo at 8:00 PM
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Spring 2018 Skyblock Update

Welcome to the largest and most extensive skyblock reset yet! Ranging from new areas and updated messages. Take a look below!
Some of the new features that were added:
  • (NEW) SkyTokens added! Read more about it In-Game!
  • (NEW) Spring KoTH Area + Crate!
  • (NEW) "Spring" Crate added
  • (NEW) "End" Island added for Supreme members
  • (NEW) /list has been customized
  • (NEW) A lot of new tags added
  • (NEW) Supreme members now have the option to toggle the display of their island level on or off.
  • (NEW) Supreme now has access...
by Coldpath at 7:35 PM
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Xsolla has now been added as a new payment gateway to the store, which supports 700+ payment methods. You are now able to purchase packages from the store with Apple Pay, amazon gift cards, paysafe cards, 7-eleven gift cards, cryptocurrencies and a lot more.

It shouldn't have taken us this long to, for instance, support payments with gift cards, but it has finally been added! Thank you for being patient!
by Coldpath at 9:39 PM
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Hello there!

2018 is here! Hope it’s a happy and healthy one for you all. As 2018 arrived we pushed a smaller update for Skyblock - the economy was tweaked and we did some minor improvements. And today the last and final rank was added to Skyblock, Supreme. Check it out here, even more perks will be added to Supreme in the near future.

by Kewozzoo at 7:52 PM
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New Gamemode: Prison

Release Date: 2017-12-22

Hello there Minesharp! Today we are proud to announce a new gamemode. It's been over a year since a gamemode was added to Minesharp, which is terrible. But finally the time as come, we are adding OP Prison to Minesharp! We have actively been working on prison for over a month and we can promise you that it will be great.

What is prison?

Prison is a very popular gamemode, where you mine, earn money and progress further. Minesharp prison will consist of 37 mines - 26 default ones, 5 prestige ones and 6 rank ones. You start at mine A and once you progress and rankup all the way from A-Z you will be free, letting...
by Fawks at 2:03 PM
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September 2017 Skyblock Update

Welcome to the official the major Skyblock update! We are finally launching huge a update with numerous new features for Skyblock. With the update comes a reset, a fresh start for everyone! And a chance for everyone to reach #1! Click here to check out the prices that will be given out to the top islands after the first month.

Some of the new features that were added:

  • Removed Guardian spawners
  • New Spawn
  • Added Chorus Fruit to the Food section and Purpur Blocks to the Donator Shop
  • Added Sell Stick to the donator...
by Coldpath at 3:47 PM
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